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Tuyển tập cosplay One Piece siêu chất không thể bỏ qua












































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  • Cosplay OnePiece Cosplay OnePiece bức này đẹp Cosplay OnePiece kết nhất bức này Đoán xem j đây :  Nami Usopp - Vua tập kích: Thất vũ hải Boa Hancock - Nữ hoàng hải tặc:

    Đô đốc Kizaru: Robin

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  • hoangdat

    For this year’s Otaku House Cosplay Idol competition, the assortment of anime, manga, game and cartoon series has dazzled the voting population and as the votes for the Qualifying Round ends, the anxiety on who is included in the Finals adds up to the drama.

    [size=medium]Pirate flare from the One Piece Anime / Manga[/size]

    The competition has introduced to us many anime/manga/game/original characters from various series. Of course one of the most famous series to date has graced each block, giving it a taste of the Pirate flare with the epic theme “We Are”.
    I have been given the honor in presenting to everyone the top 20 One Piece cosplayers in this year’s Cosplay Idol. Some of these guys made it on the Top 30 for their blocks while some did not. But for the series, these guys are the best of the best.
    Let us start the countdown from number 20! And congratulations to you guys for making this list!

    Buy D. Monkey Luffy Cosplay Costumes here

    [size=large]20. Ricardo Gonzalez as “Portgas D. Ace”[/size]

    Country: Venezuela
    My comments: The only son of the Pirate King graces the list. The cosplay is very detailed, including the tattoo. This character will surely be missed in the series.

    Portgas D. Ace Cosplay

    [size=large]19. Frann as “Akagami no Shanks”[/size]

    Country: Argentina
    My comments: Change of background for this photo is in order… but everything else, good old Shanks!

    Akagami no Shanks Cosplay

    [size=large]18. Sanjay Vasandani as “Sogeking”[/size]

    Country: USA
    My comments: This photo actually reminds me of Usopp’s training in the 2 Year Skip. Hope to see you try the Timeskip Usopp with this same pose

    Usopp/ Sogeking Cosplay

    [size=large]17. Max Gutierrez as “Bon Clay”[/size]

    Country: Peru
    My comments: Rare cosplay right here, plus the cosplayer just got the character all right! Congratulations!

    Bon Clay / Mr. 2 Cosplay
  • hoangdat

    [size=large]16. biseuse as “Nico Robin”[/size]

    Country: France
    My comments: I will not get used to seeing Robin with a hat since the time-skip… then again, that’s her signature look.

    Nico Robin / Miss All Sunday Cosplay

    [size=large]15. Zurdi as “Eustass Kid”[/size]

    Country: Spain
    My comments: Very detailed Kid cosplay, a rarity as well.

    Eustass Kid Cosplay

    [size=large]14. yusufkun as “Sogeking”[/size]

    Country: Turkey
    My comments: Seems Sogeking is famous, the photo is quite good. Hope you make the timeskip version!

    Usopp/ Sogeking Cosplay

    [size=large]13. Alex Garcia as “Trafalgar Law”[/size]

    Country: Venezuela
    My comments: This photo is quite good, he even included the wanted poster! I do wonder what his bounty is now since the timeskip *browses One Piece Wiki*

    Trafalgar Law Cosplay

    [size=large]12. Saria as “Monkey D. Luffy”[/size]

    Country: France
    My comments: I have not played Ultimate Cruise but the costume is really good.

    Monkey D. Luffy Cosplay

    [size=large]11. Mario Iracheta as “Monkey D. Luffy”[/size]

    Country: Mexico
    My comments: This is quite a laid back photo, but I guess with Luffy’s character, this is a normal occurrence

    Monkey D. Luffy Cosplay
    [size=large]10. Marulau as “Boa Hancock”[/size]

    Country: Argentina
    My comments: I am actually surprised that she managed to make Salome. Nice job!

    Boa Hancock Cosplay
    [size=large]9. Tomas Rodriguez as “Brook”[/size]

    Country: Argentina
    My comments: Another rare cosplay and an ingenious one too! Not only did he get the skull part right, the great use of a black body suit to make the illusion that he’s just bones adds the genius touch for this cosplay

    Brook Cosplay
    [size=large]8. Cristiana Amicozzi as “Boa Hancock”[/size]

    Country: Italy
    My comments: Very seductive Hancock!

    Boa Hancock Cosplay
    [size=large]7. L. Pilskin as “Trafalgar Law”[/size]

    Country: Philippines
    My comments: This is a perfect depiction of Law when he is plotting something sinister

    Trafalgar Law Cosplay
    [size=large]6. Marco Di Renzo as “Juracule Mihawk”[/size]

    Country: Italy
    My comments: This blown me away, perfect photo for the World’s Most Powerful Swordsman

    Juracule Mihawk Cosplay
    [size=large]5. Dodie as “Roronoa Zoro”[/size]

    Country: Philippines
    My comments: Posing while on Santoryuu mode must be hard, I give you a lot of credit for managing it

    Roronoa Zoro Cosplay

    [size=large]4. Mareike as “Emporio Ivankov”[/size]

    Country: Germany
    My comments: I have never seen a cosplay for the Okama Queen in both forms, this one just took the icing out of the cake!

    Emporio Ivankov Cosplay

    [size=large]3. Magisterian Z.P as “Monkey D. Luffy”[/size]

    Country: Indonesia
    My comments: This photo reminds me of one of the opening videos of the series. Was it Bon Voyage?

    Monkey D. Luffy Cosplay

    [size=large]2. Haru-chan as “Nami”[/size]

    Country: Argentina
    My comments: I like Nami from the timeskip. Her figure is just plain exaggerated in every arc of the series.

    Nami Cosplay

    [size=large]1. Luis Mattioli as “Sanji”[/size]

    Country: Venezuela
    My comments: Topping the list is Ero-cook and the Kuro Ashi Sanji, we can only wonder what really happened to him in New Kama Land. But he looks happy in this photo, congratulations to you!

  • hoangdat

    The end baby…lufy kute :
  • hoangdat

    tóc đỏ tái xuất….

    zoro and nami. Làm gì thế nhỉ?

    Im cho vua ngủ…

    ngước mặt lên trời hận đời vô đối 

    miss Ace… amen…

    ông nội nhân từ

    vũ khí của zoro
  • hoangdat

    Chân đen Sanji + Vua đầu bếp + người đàn ông của các quý cô

    những nhân vật thuộc hàng "khủng" Onepiece ( từ phải wa : Ace ,đệ nhất kiếm khách Mắt diều hâu , Luffy and ???

    thuyền trưởng của tui đâu ( chắc đi ăn vặt rồi )

    Khi Sanji "ngầu" 
  • hoangdat

    MERRY xin chào: 

    SUNNY xin chào: 

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